My response to the government’s green paper on the BBC and some of the media’s reaction to it:

By 17th July 2015News

I have a longstanding relationship with the BBC and Danny Cohen has been an instrumental supporter of Citizen Khan from day one, but regardless of the letter and who orchestrated it I believe in the issue. The BBC is what Britain does best.

Why would I not support the BBC when they have helped me achieve my career ambitions. The signatories are testament to the faith the BBC receives from a broad spectrum of creatives. That has to be a good thing.

As a licence fee payer growing up I was drawn to the BBC as it was the only platform where I knew I could realise my ambitions if I worked hard to get there.  Most importantly I believe that the BBC should be a popular platform. I don’t want Citizen Khan on some diverse only policy channel. Why should I as a British tax payer be sidelined.

The BBC has recognised that and is a believer in mainstreaming diverse talent. I want to work with the best on air and off air talent and the BBC provides me with the opportunity to do just that.  I want Citizen Khan to be aired alongside the best and biggest shows there are.

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Adil Ray, Creator, Co -writer and Actor. Citizen Khan

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