Want to star in Citizen Khan? Here is your chance

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So we will be filming series 4 of Citizen Khan in August till October and some exciting casting opportunities have come up for one episode roles. These details have been made available over the past few weeks via our casting director, the Spotlight website and the Casting Network. But I wanted to cast the net a little wider.

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Mr Khan kicking off

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It’s taken a while but I managed to get hold of the Mr Khan FA Cup Final video when he interviewed Aston Villa goalie Shay Given. Click below.  The result didn’t work out for us Villains but hey it was just good to experience it. On a personal note, I love doing the kind of thing. Shay was excellent. This was all one take which made it easier. Thinking of doing some more. Read More

I am

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I am a son, a brother, a friend, a partner, a neighbour, a Brit, a Pakistani, a Kenyan, a Brummie, a graduate, a broadcaster, an actor, a writer, a dreamer, a laugher, a crier, a control freak, a VIlla fan, a cricket fan, a burger fan, a chicken fan, a curry muncher, a chilli sucker, a sun lover, a sea lover, a home lover, a hugger, a kisser, a Prince lover, a Dave Allen admirer, a feminist, a Twitter addict, a sinner, a worrier, a tea drinker, Read More

Oh Buggles….

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Most mornings I do almost pinch myself. I feel very fortunate to be filming a comedy on the BBC. It feels like a bit of a dream. However there’s something missing – my first love.

I know we can’t have everything, but what I would give to be transmitted back to those hazy radio days for just a few hours. Read More

I do ‘do’ stuff you know…..

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People often ask me what I do when Citizen Khan is not on air. I assume many just think I turn up to the studios and sit it my luxury trailer until I get called to set. Sadly I’m not quite Tom Cruise.

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This morning I woke up and had a cup of Yorkshire Tea and a croissant. I put on the radio and I listened to debate which included an Eastern European, an Englishman and an American lady. I stepped outside and waved goodbye to the Latvian doorman.

I walked 200 yards and got on a bus driven by a Nigerian. Read More