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This morning I woke up and had a cup of Yorkshire Tea and a croissant. I put on the radio and I listened to debate which included an Eastern European, an Englishman and an American lady. I stepped outside and waved goodbye to the Latvian doorman.

I walked 200 yards and got on a bus driven by a Nigerian. (Yes I got on a bus, I’m guessing he’s Nigerian by his accent).

I met my American cousins for a falafel in a department store and we finished off with a Brazilian coffee. I then walked back and passed burka and hijab donned ladies, a Ferrari, a frantic tapas bar, a very elegant Russian looking lady walking a poodle, some Portuguese speaking students, a chap playing a violin, two Indians arguing, an Irishman asking for directions and a Japanese couple asking for directions. Finally, my jolly Uber driver to the station was from Kosovo. All that in the space of 4 hours.

I love London.

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  • nadia says:

    My son’s that are only 2 and 3 love u so much they can sit and watch u all day they hope to meet you soon x

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