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By 10th May 2015News

People often ask me what I do when Citizen Khan is not on air. I assume many just think I turn up to the studios and sit it my luxury trailer until I get called to set. Sadly I’m not quite Tom Cruise.

Partly due to my control freak nature I like to get in involved in quite a lot of it.

We are not due into the studio until August but until then we have to write the scripts, sort out the crew, do a bit of casting and meet the execs. I bet Cruise doesn’t do that!

However I do get time to do other stuff which includes trying to develop another comedy idea, a possible entertainment comedy format, a couple of documentaries, radio docs and plan for a possible Citizen Khan live tour. I have this theory of trying to juggle a few projects at the same time and hope that you’re managing to keep one up in a year. It’s worked so far. But it’s early days.

IMG_4941Occasionally I get to do a few ‘treaty’ things. Over the past couple of weeks I was a guest on a new BBC show; The TV That Made Me. There I sat in a living room with Brian Conley and chose my favourite tv shows. That wasn’t work in any way.

Last week I was at Lords recording a show for Sky One called Cricket’s Funniest Moments. The best thing about it was that I got to visit Lords. Then this week I recorded a BBC trail to promote the FA cup final coverage with Aston Villa fan, Mr Khan. That was a privilege.

I think I would go mad if I was only actually working when Citizen Khan was on air. I get really twitchy if I wake up in the morning and I have no work to be getting on with. That’s normally when I harass my agents, so if you’ll excuse me…

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